Hotels Between Cities, Landmarks, Airports

Hotels Between Nearby Cities

Atlanta-Athens: Hotels between Atlanta and the University of Georgia in Athens
Atlanta-Augusta: Hotels along the I-20 corridor in Georgia between Atlanta and Augusta
Atlanta-Chattanooga: Hotels in northwestern Georgia between Atlanta and Chattanooga
Atlanta-Macon: Hotels along I-75 between Atlanta and Macon
Baltimore-Wilmington: Hotels along I-95 between Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, Delaware
Boston-Manchester: Hotels between Boston, Massachusetts and Manchester, New Hampshire
Boston-Providence: Hotels between Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island
Boston-Springfield: Hotels between Boston and Springfield, Massachusetts
Boston-Worcester: Massachusetts hotels between Boston and Worcester
Buffalo-Erie: Hotels between Buffalo, New York and Erie, Pennsylvania
Buffalo-Rochester: Hotels between Buffalo and Rochester, New York
Charlotte-Columbia: Hotels between Charlotte, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina
Charlotte-Greensboro: North Carolina hotels between Charlotte and Greensboro
Chicago-Indianapolis: Hotels between Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana
Chicago-Milwaukee: Hotels between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Chicago-South-Bend: Hotels along the I-90/I-80 corridor that connects Chicago, Illinois and South Bend, Indiana
Cleveland-Columbus: Hotels in the I-71 corridor between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio
Cleveland-Erie: Hotels along the I-90 corridor between Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA
Cleveland-Sandusky: Hotels between Cleveland and Sandusky, Ohio - home of Cedar Point Amusement Park
Cleveland-Toledo: Hotels near the I-80/I-90 corridor that connects Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio
Dallas-Austin: Hotels between Dallas and Austin, Texas
Dallas-Houston: Hotels near the 240 miles of I-45 that connect Dallas and Houston, Texas
Dallas-Oklahoma-City: Hotels between Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City
Dallas-Shreveport: Hotels near I-20 between Dallas and Shreveport, Louisiana
Dallas-Texarkana: Hotels near I-30 between Dallas and Texarkana, Texas
Detroit-Lansing: Hotels between Detroit and Lansing, Michigan
Detroit-Toledo: Hotels in the area between Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio
Houston-Beaumont: Hotels between Houston and Beaumont, Texas
Houston-Galveston: Hotels between Houston and the Gulf Coast city of Galveston, Texas
Houston-San-Antonio: Hotels in the I-10 corridor between Houston and San Antonio, Texas
Jacksonville-Daytona-Beach: Hotels along the I-95 corridor between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach
Jacksonville-Savannah: Hotels near I-95 between Jacksonville and Savannah
Jacksonville-St-Augustine: Florida hotels between Jacksonville and St. Augustine
Los-Angeles-Anaheim: Hotels between downtown Los Angeles and Disneyland in Anaheim, California
Los-Angeles-Palm-Springs: Hotels along the I-10 corridor between downtown Los Angeles and the resorts of Palm Springs, California
Los-Angeles-San-Diego: Hotels located between Los Angeles and San Diego, California
Miami-Boca-Raton: Hotels between Miami and Boca Raton
Miami-Fort-Lauderdale: Hotels between Miami and Fort Lauderdale
Miami-West-Palm-Beach: Hotels between Miami and West Palm Beach
Minneapolis-Duluth: Hotels along the I-35 corridor that connects Minneapolis to Duluth, Minnesota
Minneapolis-Fargo: Hotels near the 235 miles of I-94 that connect Minneapolis, Minnesota to Fargo, North Dakota
New-York-New-Haven: Hotels along the 65 mile I-95 corridor between New York City and New Haven
Orlando-Cape-Canaveral: Hotels between Orlando and Cape Canaveral
Pensacola-Destin: Hotels along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico between Pensacola and Destin
Pensacola-Mobile: Hotels between Pensacola and Mobile
Philadelphia-Trenton: Hotels between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey
Philadelphia-Wilmington: Hotels between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware
Phoenix-Flagstaff: Hotels between Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona
Phoenix-Grand-Canyon: Hotels on the way between Phoenix, Arizona and the Grand Canyon
Phoenix-Tucson: Hotels between Arizona's two biggest metropolitan areas - Phoenix and Tucson
Portland-Eugene: Hotels near I-5 in Oregon between Portland and Eugene
San-Francisco-Sacramento: Hotels near I-80 between San Francisco and Sacramento, California
San-Francisco-San-Jose: Hotels along the western side of San Francisco Bay between San Francisco and San Jose
Savannah-Charleston: Hotels between Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina
Seattle-Portland: Hotels near the 173-mile portion of I-5 between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon
Seattle-Vancouver: Hotels along I-5 between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia
Syracuse-Rochester: Hotels between Syracuse and Rochester, New York
Tampa-Orlando: Hotels along the I-4 corridor that connects Tampa and Orlando
Tampa-Sarasota: Hotels along Florida's Sun Coast between Tampa and Sarasota
Virginia-Beach-Williamsburg: Hotels between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg
Washington-Baltimore: Hotels in the corridor between Washington,DC and Baltimore, MD
Washington-Frederick: Hotels in the I-270 corridor between Washington, DC and Frederick, MD